The Future is in the Sun

According to a recent 2008 survey, 94% of Americans say that solar energy should be continually developed and used and 77% think that the government should make solar power a priority. WIth living in Texas, solar power makes sense thanks to the amount of sunlight an average resident can receive. Take a look at for more information. As folks open their electric bill every month more and more of them are considering turning to solar panels to reduce overall energy costs.

Solar panels are an investment in your home which not only adds value but is also very viable. For these 2 reasons alone, a solar electrical system should be given thoughtful consideration. However, a lot of people are a bit put off at the initial costs of solar panel installation. Despite having numerous rebates and tax advantages available, the costs can be somewhat daunting. So what’s the average price of a solar panel these days? Well to be honest it depends on your needs.

The cheapest solar panel can cost as little as $10.00 U.S.D while the most expensive can run $2,500.00 U.S.D or higher. Obviously that’s a huge price difference and there’s also a huge difference in quality. In order to figure out your total cost you have to first figure out what you’re doing with your home. Mother Nature’s energy, just by employing the use of self built portable solar panels and wind turbines.Whether our current energy resources are in short supply or not, relieving ourselves of energy dependence is something we should all consider. If it works and doesn’t cost much to implement, it’s certainly worth the effort and the savings, to give it a try. If you’ve ever been affected by rolling black outs, downed power lines or any number of events that result in temporary power outage, you get a brief sense of how energy dependent we have become.

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