Some Kind of Insect Was Eating Our Tree from the Inside out

The winter storms exposed damage happening with the trees in our yard. I cut up a bunch of smaller limbs that fell and had a friend haul them away. When the weather began to warm in the spring, I saw that the bark was falling off of a couple of big limbs on one tree. As I looked closer I could see that the bark was cracking away at the base of the trunk. I pulled off a huge sheet of it, and the tree underneath was riddled with holes. I called a tree service in Queens County, NY to come and take it down. I was actually surprised it was still standing. It looked like it was being eaten from the inside out.

I could not tell if it was termites, ants or something else. The damage was extensive before it was even noticed. They took the tree down and you could see that the whole inside was pretty much hollow. It was a good thing that the winter storms revealed the damage, because it would have fallen on the house. Trees can really beautify your landscape at home, but they do need to be cared for and inspected. Yes, some trees can stand for hundreds of years, but think about all the ones that do not. Bugs, rot and other things can weaken trees. They rarely give any warning signs that the average person can notice before they just fall over. Of course, it usually is wind, rain or heavy snows that bring them down.

So that we would not be nervous about every windstorm, we had all of the trees close to the house and driveway inspected. We even had them check one of our neighbor’s trees that was close to our house. He did not have a problem with it. The other trees just needed trimmed. There was no sign of further damage. But, since it was insect damage on the tree that came down, we needed to have them inspected more often.

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