Nice Apartments in Richardson Texas

When we were looking for a new place to live, my wife got online and did a search for apartments for Richardson TX. The top result showed a nice place that was perfect for the two of us and our little dog. The apartment buildings had garages and a nice swimming pool. Out back was a privacy fence and small patio. We sit out there a lot. Inside is everything we want for apartment living. The kitchen is a nice size, and our living room is ample enough for us and a few guests. Our bedroom is spacious. We actually can now walk comfortably on each side of the bed. No more bumping into the dresser!

Outside, the buildings are brick with red tile roofs. They look very nice. If I built a home, I would make it look like this. I really like how the red tiles go with the brick exteriors. There is plenty of parking for guests, and our SUV fits nicely in our garage. We like it that we do not have to park on the street. We can pull right into the garage with a push of a button and go right up to our apartment. It is all private and not a shared garage space. Each apartment has its own garage.

The place is pet friendly too. It is nice that our little dog, Maddy, is welcome too. She is very happy since she has a nice place to go for walks at now. Plenty of grassy areas and trees. We used to live in an urban area. We prefer the suburbs immensely. We would like rural, but good luck with finding apartments in areas like that. Think about it. If there were apartments in a rural area, it would no longer be rural! Still, you can have the next best thing. You can find a nice apartment in the suburbs that borders an area that is more farm like.

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