I Am Doing a Lot of Side Work

I have been doing a little side business, which is basically the same thing that I do on my boss’ time. He really does not mind and for the most part I do not tell the government about it. What the IRS does not know is not going to hurt it, although if they did find out it probably would not be great for me. Right now I have been looking for the quickbooks customer service number, which is something that I need because I have sort of figured out an angle. Obviously I pay taxes and there is a rather simple way for me to get out of it, although I have to do some work. It started out with the church my girlfriend’s family attends. They needed some work done and I told them that I would do it for free. When I got done they gave me a receipt and I realized that if I tried hard I could probably get back a huge amount of the taxes I pay.

The trick is to do this without getting audited and so you have to understand the rules before you can play this game. I have found out that it really is not very hard to find people who want you to do things for them for free, but obviously I have to make sure that I get the credit for it. Usually I make sure that they can pay for the materials, it makes no sense for me to loan them money for stuff like that. At any rate I have already made more than what I was expecting to make and the tax deductions are going to be a really big deal, so I think I shall be able to make my goal of having a down payment in less than a year.

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