Fighting Back Against the Company

Some companies are really scummy when it comes to taking care of their customers. A well known company released a computer game last year and it was riddled with bugs that would halt the progress of anyone playing it. They released a patch that got rid of some of the bugs, but didn’t bother to address the ones that were left. They simply told the players there was nothing they could do. A few brave souls dug into the game code and created bug fixes and uploaded them to the Pirate Bay website. This made the game developers look like fools.

I was glad to see the patch made by the players, because I was stuck at a crucial point in the game that kept me from doing anything. I could only start the game for a few minutes before it would crash. A lot of people had become stuck at this point, but it wasn’t the only point in the game where a player could become stuck. Some were much farther than I had become, and they became stuck in the wall whenever they started the game. Now the game runs smoothly, without any problems, frame drops, glitches, or crashes.

People who bought the game have decided to file a class action law suit against the company that made the game. The company refused to offer anyone who bought the game a refund. Gaming news sites picked up on the lawsuit and are running all kinds of articles about it. The company doesn’t think that the suit will go anywhere, but they have underestimated the power of the consumers. Whenever people feel like they have been wronged and cheated out of their money, they will do anything to make things right and get the money back, and that includes using the law.

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