Doing Some Work on the Side

I have been doing pretty well on this sort of thing lately. A couple of guys I know have been working on little real estate projects and they have been getting me to do the kitchens and the bathrooms for both of them. In fact the house I am working on right now looked like a real disaster at first, they had to get some Passaic county electricians to wire the thing totally again. There had been a small electrical fire, which had been stopped before it had done much real damage. However when the fire department got a look at this place they had a real fit about the wiring and the original owner did not want to fix it himself. I guess they took the insurance money and whatever they could get for the place and ran. It was not worth his time to do all of the stuff that would have to be done.

In fact I have sort of been camping out at this place for a little while. It is so far from home that it would be a real ordeal for me to do the work after I get off and then go back home when I got done. I have been borrowing the wi fi from the people next door, so that means that I can get enough entertainment. Of course the people are in a real hurry to get this job done, they are under some pressure to get paid for the work and I do not really mind. I could also use the money and since I do not have a girlfriend right now there is not anything better that I could be doing. It is a bit of an ordeal, but not anything that I can not deal with it right now.

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