Back Home Since Last Week

I have been back home since last week. I have been sleeping on the couch at my Mom’s apartment in Columbia SC, but that is not the long term plan. Of course I took a lot of courses while I was in the Navy and the plan is to start at Clemson at the beginning of the Spring Semester. I was hoping to get started the last semester, but the Navy had other plans and things did not work out. I am enrolled in a few classes that I could take on the World Wide Web. In fact I have been able to get what I guess would be an Associate’s Degree while I was in the Navy. They taught me a lot about computers and I tried to learn more in my spare time. In fact I got a job offer from a guy I knew while I was in the service. He heard I was back and knew that I had most of the skills that he needed.

My plan is to get a real Comp Sci degree and then go in to the job market with that in my pocket. If I could find a programming job I would take it though. Right now I am doing a bit of freelance web site design and that sort of thing. None of it is all that challenging and I am not charging all that much either. I am just trying to build a name and hope that i can build up some word of mouth business. I am going to see Emma next week when she comes home for Christmas, but I am not really sure where the two of us stand. It has always been sort of touch and go between she and I, and she is not one who likes to be tied down.

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