The Work Keeps Piling Up

Sometimes I neglect a lot of things in my home because I’m busy doing other things. There have been a lot of cases of damage because I’ve been too busy to focus, and sometimes I just become too lazy to fix it. A couple of my drains became clogged, and the only thing that would fix them was getting drain cleaning in Rockland County NY. One morning, the drain cleaning company came by and did a clean sweep of my drains. I asked them if they knew anyone who would do other kinds of repairs, and they gave me a couple of business cards.

One of the other major repairs that I needed to have done in my home was the wood on the porch. I had a bad case of termites, and they did a lot of damage to to that porch. I was able to get rid of them by hiring an exterminator, but that didn’t repair the wood damage. The carpenter looked at the porch to see how much it would cost to repair all of the damage. He gave me an estimate and I nearly flipped out. It seemed like it would have cost less to get a new house.

There was one other thing that I had been neglecting, and that was the electricity in my home. One of the light sockets in the rooms was having a problem. Sometimes the light would come on, and sometimes it wouldn’t I knew there was some kind of short in it, so rather than trying to do it myself, I just called a professional. Had I tried to repair the short on my own, I probably would have been electrocuted, because I know nothing about electrical repair. The electrician fixed it by repairing the wire that goes to the socket.

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Some Kind of Insect Was Eating Our Tree from the Inside out

The winter storms exposed damage happening with the trees in our yard. I cut up a bunch of smaller limbs that fell and had a friend haul them away. When the weather began to warm in the spring, I saw that the bark was falling off of a couple of big limbs on one tree. As I looked closer I could see that the bark was cracking away at the base of the trunk. I pulled off a huge sheet of it, and the tree underneath was riddled with holes. I called a tree service in Queens County, NY to come and take it down. I was actually surprised it was still standing. It looked like it was being eaten from the inside out.

I could not tell if it was termites, ants or something else. The damage was extensive before it was even noticed. They took the tree down and you could see that the whole inside was pretty much hollow.

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