[Featured]The Work Keeps Piling Up

2016/04 05 20:04

Sometimes I neglect a lot of things in my home because I’m busy doing other things. There have been a lot of cases of damage because I’ve been too busy to focus, and sometimes I just become too lazy to fix it. A couple of my drains became clogged, and the only thing that would fix them was getting drain cleaning in Rockland County NY. One morning, the drain cleaning company came by and did a clean sweep of my drains. I asked them if they knew anyone who would do other kinds of repairs, and they gave me a couple of business cards.

One of the other major repairs that I needed to have done in my home was the wood on the porch. I had a bad case of termites, and they did a lot of damage to to that porch. I was able to get rid of them by hiring an exterminator, but that didn’t repair the wood damage. The carpenter looked at the porch to see how much it would cost to repair all of the damage. He gave me an estimate and I nearly flipped out. It seemed like it would have cost less to get a new house.

There was one other thing that I had been neglecting, and that was the electricity in my home. One of the light sockets in the rooms was having a problem. Sometimes the light would come on, and sometimes it wouldn’t I knew there was some kind of short in it, so rather than trying to do it myself, I just called a professional. Had I tried to repair the short on my own, I probably would have been electrocuted, because I know nothing about electrical repair. The electrician fixed it by repairing the wire that goes to the socket.

[Featured]Some Kind of Insect Was Eating Our Tree from the Inside out

2016/04 05 20:04

The winter storms exposed damage happening with the trees in our yard. I cut up a bunch of smaller limbs that fell and had a friend haul them away. When the weather began to warm in the spring, I saw that the bark was falling off of a couple of big limbs on one tree. As I looked closer I could see that the bark was cracking away at the base of the trunk. I pulled off a huge sheet of it, and the tree underneath was riddled with holes. I called a tree service in Queens County, NY to come and take it down. I was actually surprised it was still standing. It looked like it was being eaten from the inside out.

I could not tell if it was termites, ants or something else. The damage was extensive before it was even noticed. They took the tree down and you could see that the whole inside was pretty much hollow. It was a good thing that the winter storms revealed the damage, because it would have fallen on the house. Trees can really beautify your landscape at home, but they do need to be cared for and inspected. Yes, some trees can stand for hundreds of years, but think about all the ones that do not. Bugs, rot and other things can weaken trees. They rarely give any warning signs that the average person can notice before they just fall over. Of course, it usually is wind, rain or heavy snows that bring them down.

So that we would not be nervous about every windstorm, we had all of the trees close to the house and driveway inspected. We even had them check one of our neighbor’s trees that was close to our house. He did not have a problem with it. The other trees just needed trimmed. There was no sign of further damage. But, since it was insect damage on the tree that came down, we needed to have them inspected more often.

[Featured]Fighting Back Against the Company

2016/01 24 05:01

Some companies are really scummy when it comes to taking care of their customers. A well known company released a computer game last year and it was riddled with bugs that would halt the progress of anyone playing it. They released a patch that got rid of some of the bugs, but didn’t bother to address the ones that were left. They simply told the players there was nothing they could do. A few brave souls dug into the game code and created bug fixes and uploaded them to the Pirate Bay website. This made the game developers look like fools.

I was glad to see the patch made by the players, because I was stuck at a crucial point in the game that kept me from doing anything. I could only start the game for a few minutes before it would crash. A lot of people had become stuck at this point, but it wasn’t the only point in the game where a player could become stuck. Some were much farther than I had become, and they became stuck in the wall whenever they started the game. Now the game runs smoothly, without any problems, frame drops, glitches, or crashes.

People who bought the game have decided to file a class action law suit against the company that made the game. The company refused to offer anyone who bought the game a refund. Gaming news sites picked up on the lawsuit and are running all kinds of articles about it. The company doesn’t think that the suit will go anywhere, but they have underestimated the power of the consumers. Whenever people feel like they have been wronged and cheated out of their money, they will do anything to make things right and get the money back, and that includes using the law.


2016/01 09 02:01




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    stop the (a)morality of the (not called) censorship…
    like ana.caldas in portuguese "Pela liberdade de expressão artística ou qualquer outra . contra a censura ! sempre!"/"for freedom of expression, artistic or any other . against censorship! always and forever!"
    this is not only for brett but for all of you out there!
    take a look at this ‘tribute’ to brett and against censorship and the discussion




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[Featured]Plaster of Paris Can Clog a Drain

2015/11 04 21:11

I tried the plunger, hot water and even heavy duty drain cleaner. The sink and shower drain in our bathroom still ran too slow. I have been guilty of letting the water run when I brush my teeth. However, I could not do that with our sink because the water drains slower than the tap fills it up. The shower drain had a puddle in the middle as the water was trying to drain. I called a place that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY when I thought about the shower spray churning up water from inside the drain onto my feet.

The toilet also would get stopped up. Sometimes you had to flush two or three times just to get liquids to go all the way down. Solids, if you know what I mean, could be a real problem. It was embarrassing for guests at times. Funny to me, but embarrassing to them. I could here them in there trying to quietly use the plunger. Then the drain would let go and you would hear the glug, glug glug really loud!

The place we called that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY found a hard clog stuck to the inside of the sewer main that lead from the bathroom. Toilet paper and other solids would catch on it and build up. Then it would let go on occasion, but the main hard clog was stuck solid. They used a power snake to clean the pipe clear of that hard clog

The clog looked like Plaster of Paris, and that makes sense. We did a few projects with the kids for school last year that used that plaster. I found out that it hardens by chemical reaction and running it down the drains can cause it to gather and clog a pipe. I thought the water would dilute it and there would not be a problem. The stuff can harden in a sewer pipe without a problem.

[Featured]What Sort of Kettlebell Exercises Should You Do

2015/05 02 00:05

Kettlebell workouts are the most effective strength training exercises that also combine the benefits of cardio exercises. The secret lies in the design of kettlebells where the individual’s center of gravity is slightly off, thus, encouraging the muscles to work harder to keep the body’s balance on an even keel. I learned about Kettlebells after reading this meal replacement Shakes reviews. In fact, kettlebell exercises work the entire body since these are basically compound exercises. It must be emphasized, however, that most exercises can also be considered as isolation exercises because specific muscle groups are engaged during the movements. If you are doing these exercises in a fitness center, it is a good idea to ask for assistance on proper technique, form and execution from a personal trainer. Keep in mind that kettlebell exercises may be the best in strength and cardio workouts but you can quickly injure yourself with improper technique.

The two-handed American swing is considered as a better exercise than the Russian swing although it boils down to personal preferences. This is because the swing involves more major groups of muscles including the hips, back and shoulders. The swing also increases the balance, coordination and flexibility of the shoulders. The One-arm Swing works in the same manner as the two arm swing albeit with a difference – it demands more strength from your entire body since only one hand does the lifting. The exercise strengthens the muscles in the abdomen, lower body, and the arms while also improving on the hips.

And finally, don’t underestimate the difficulty of the Turkish getup especially as it involves changing positions from lying down to standing up, all while gripping the kettlebell in one hand. This is, bar none, the single most effective whole-body exercise in all kettlebell workouts! It is effective in strengthening shoulder and scapular stability, in extending the thoracic spine, and in improving stability in the core, hips and lumbar spine, among others.

[Featured]The Future is in the Sun

2015/04 24 12:04

According to a recent 2008 survey, 94% of Americans say that solar energy should be continually developed and used and 77% think that the government should make solar power a priority. WIth living in Texas, solar power makes sense thanks to the amount of sunlight an average resident can receive. Take a look at choosetexaspower.org for more information. As folks open their electric bill every month more and more of them are considering turning to solar panels to reduce overall energy costs.

Solar panels are an investment in your home which not only adds value but is also very viable. For these 2 reasons alone, a solar electrical system should be given thoughtful consideration. However, a lot of people are a bit put off at the initial costs of solar panel installation. Despite having numerous rebates and tax advantages available, the costs can be somewhat daunting. So what’s the average price of a solar panel these days? Well to be honest it depends on your needs.

The cheapest solar panel can cost as little as $10.00 U.S.D while the most expensive can run $2,500.00 U.S.D or higher. Obviously that’s a huge price difference and there’s also a huge difference in quality. In order to figure out your total cost you have to first figure out what you’re doing with your home. Mother Nature’s energy, just by employing the use of self built portable solar panels and wind turbines.Whether our current energy resources are in short supply or not, relieving ourselves of energy dependence is something we should all consider. If it works and doesn’t cost much to implement, it’s certainly worth the effort and the savings, to give it a try. If you’ve ever been affected by rolling black outs, downed power lines or any number of events that result in temporary power outage, you get a brief sense of how energy dependent we have become.

[Featured]Back Home Since Last Week

2014/11 22 01:11

I have been back home since last week. I have been sleeping on the couch at my Mom’s apartment in Columbia SC, but that is not the long term plan. Of course I took a lot of courses while I was in the Navy and the plan is to start at Clemson at the beginning of the Spring Semester. I was hoping to get started the last semester, but the Navy had other plans and things did not work out. I am enrolled in a few classes that I could take on the World Wide Web. In fact I have been able to get what I guess would be an Associate’s Degree while I was in the Navy. They taught me a lot about computers and I tried to learn more in my spare time. In fact I got a job offer from a guy I knew while I was in the service. He heard I was back and knew that I had most of the skills that he needed.

My plan is to get a real Comp Sci degree and then go in to the job market with that in my pocket. If I could find a programming job I would take it though. Right now I am doing a bit of freelance web site design and that sort of thing. None of it is all that challenging and I am not charging all that much either. I am just trying to build a name and hope that i can build up some word of mouth business. I am going to see Emma next week when she comes home for Christmas, but I am not really sure where the two of us stand. It has always been sort of touch and go between she and I, and she is not one who likes to be tied down.

[Featured]Nice Apartments in Richardson Texas

2014/10 25 08:10

When we were looking for a new place to live, my wife got online and did a search for apartments for Richardson TX. The top result showed a nice place that was perfect for the two of us and our little dog. The apartment buildings had garages and a nice swimming pool. Out back was a privacy fence and small patio. We sit out there a lot. Inside is everything we want for apartment living. The kitchen is a nice size, and our living room is ample enough for us and a few guests. Our bedroom is spacious. We actually can now walk comfortably on each side of the bed. No more bumping into the dresser!

Outside, the buildings are brick with red tile roofs. They look very nice. If I built a home, I would make it look like this. I really like how the red tiles go with the brick exteriors. There is plenty of parking for guests, and our SUV fits nicely in our garage. We like it that we do not have to park on the street. We can pull right into the garage with a push of a button and go right up to our apartment. It is all private and not a shared garage space. Each apartment has its own garage.

The place is pet friendly too. It is nice that our little dog, Maddy, is welcome too. She is very happy since she has a nice place to go for walks at now. Plenty of grassy areas and trees. We used to live in an urban area. We prefer the suburbs immensely. We would like rural, but good luck with finding apartments in areas like that. Think about it. If there were apartments in a rural area, it would no longer be rural! Still, you can have the next best thing. You can find a nice apartment in the suburbs that borders an area that is more farm like.

My House Will Be Decked out for the Holidays

2015/11 09 09:11

For several years now, I have really wanted to do things up for Christmas by decorating my home. I kept putting it off because I was worried about the cost of buying everything that I need. I do buy little things here and there. My best friend said that it would be a really smart idea for me to really focus on what the best Black Friday online deals for 2015 are going to be, because many stores will be selling holiday decor at very low prices. She said it makes no sense to buy everything full price when I can get things for less than half price, or even 75% off the usual price. I had to agree that she made a pretty good point.

When I went online to find the sites that will show me which stores will be selling holiday merchandised, I ran into a couple of sites that keep you alerted to any store that will be participating in Black Friday. Well, that seemed so much more simple than having to hunt down each store’s page one by one to see if they will be discounting the types of things that I want. One place to look at online makes good sense. Not only that, when I looked through the pages, I found some other items that I want to buy, too.

I figured that it would take me a few years to get all the decorations I want for my living room alone. But with all the deals going on with extremely competitive prices, I will be able to get everything I want for the living room, my den and even the kitchen. We have a fireplace in the kitchen, so I plan to decorate the mantle and even put a small tree next to it.

How This Deregulated Electricity Market Works

2015/11 01 17:11

The advertisements for electricity providers in Texas are many. In a system that has been deregulated for the provision of public utilities, it frees up free market competition. In other words, you can buy your electricity from someone else other than the company that has run the wires through your town and generates electricity closest to your house. We have Reliant energy. They are the provider that is physically closest to us. There is a power plant not 20 miles from where we live.

We could have chosen electricity sellers from just about anywhere as long as they are approved to market electricity here in Texas. This gets so confusing to people. They wonder how they can buy electricity from some other company. People ask if new wires will be run to their houses. The distribution system has become part of the nationwide grid. It does not matter who actually paid for the wires, the poles they are strung on or who actually services the wires where you live. Now you can just buy the electricity from a different provider.

Think of it as a big tank of electricity. Power is generated and distributed all over the country on power grids. Your meter tells how much you actually use. The rate you pay is set by your provider. Technically you may be getting electricity from your local plant, but you are paying a rate set by whatever provider you have. Remember, all the plants are putting electricity into the tank. There is no keeping track of individual electrons generated by any particular plant.

Now if you support a provider that generates green energy, your money is going to them for power generation even though technically your actual electrical electrons flowing into your house may have been generated locally. Weird sounding, but that is how this new market works.

Morgan Page @ Royale

2014/12 26 13:12

Morgan Page @ Royale
Event on 2014-12-26 22:00:00
Friday, December 19th at Royale

Boston VIP List Presents

Guest Artist

Morgan Page

For Morgan Page, it doesn't matter where he is. His number one concern is sharing quality music. No matter what he's working on, he delivers Go To This Page

Jewelry And What You Need To Know

2014/08 26 10:08

Consider what affect you want your jewelery to have on your outfit when you are picking it out. Is your outfit or the jewelry making the statement, meaning is your jewelry going to be front and center, or is it going to be more subtle and in the background complementing the outfit? To prevent Go To This Page

Beauty Tips That Look Great On Everyone

2014/08 26 02:08

Pimples can sometimes mar an otherwise lovely complexion. An effective home remedy for treating a pimple is to place a small dab of toothpaste on it. Don’t use the gel form – only regular toothpaste will work. Leave it to sit for roughly ten minutes. Doing so will dry up the pimple.Vaseline is Go To This Page

The Benefits Of Going Green With Energy

2014/08 22 02:08

Replace old appliances with those labeled Energy Star. ENERGY STAR ratings mean that the appliance has met standards of the EPA and is especially crafted to use less energy than older models. Refrigerators and freezers use about 20 percent less energy, while the energy that washing machines use Go To This Page